Monday, April 30, 2012

Steyr 1500A/01 - Body Work Continues

At this point, I have added the two-part PE grill to the front hood area and have attached that assembly to the body. The support bar has been added behind the front seat blocks and a few items such as the jack, rear light, and rear license number plate have been attached. Lastly, the chassis and suspension were attached to the bottom of the body. The white dots in the rear are where I filled the holes for the rear seats which will not be used due to the radio tables configuration. The front seats and wheel assemblies are all complete and will be attached after painting. The doors will be added later after I decide the open/closed question.

I have cleaned-up the "fiddly bits" for the left and right fenders and have them ready for attachment. I'm planning on using the Verlinden covered windscreen and folded boot. That will bring me to the point where I begin fabricating the radio compartment in the rear.

At least it's beginning to look like a Steyr! Two more photos:

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