Tuesday, April 10, 2012

M8 Greyhound - Fading

The next step was to apply fading to the already painted surfaces. This tones down the color and the markings and ties them all together in addition to making the vehicle look like it has been outdoors in the elements. The fading was done by diluting Vallejo Model Air Sand (71075) with Vallejo's Thinner Medium (70524) in about a 1:10 ratio paint to thinner. This was airbrushed at 25 psi static in several light coats until the desired result was obtained.

I then applied a darker fading to the lower portion of the vehicle, using Vallejo Model Air Green Brown (71030) and Thinner Medium as described above. Here's a photo of the left side showing how the markings have been toned down:

You can compare these photos to the previous ones to get some idea as to the change in the finish.

Next up: Painting the attached tools, finishing the machine gun, and then onto the wash.

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