Thursday, April 19, 2012

M8 Greyhound - Complete (for now)!

Well, my M8 is complete, at least for now. It's all packed-up and ready for its trip to Auburn, Indiana for the AMPS Nationals on April 26-28. It looks as if AMPS Central Virginia will have eight to ten completed M8s on the club display table--not a bad showing for our first club build.

Since my last post I completed the turret, gun assemblies, and antennae and painted the attached tools. The handles on the tools were first painted with a diluted Vallejo Model Color Natural Wood (70834). Once dry, they were streaked with Vallejo Model Color Burnt Umber (70941) diluted with distilled water. Metallic parts (gun barrels, shovel, axe and pick heads) were painted with Vallejo Model Color Black Grey (70862) and once dry were rubbed with the lead from a #2 pencil. Areas on the body were then given a pin wash of raw umber oil paint thinned with Turpenoid.

The base I eventually want to use is not yet available so I did not weather the lower sections of the body or the suspension. All of that will be done once it is based so I can properly tie in the M8 to its surroundings. As an interim base for the display I opted for painting a wooden plaque to represent the French flag.

A few more photos of the completed model:

Stay tuned to see what's next on the agenda!

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