Thursday, July 4, 2013

StuG III (Fl): Paint At Last!

Finally got the opportunity to do some initial painting on my Fl. This was my first experience with trying the modulation technique. Let's just say I learned some valuable lessons for "next time"!

Next up are decaling (not many on this beast), tow cables, antennae, and then painting the wheels, tracks, and on-board equipment. Then the final weathering and basing which will finish up this project.

Here's a shot of the Fl as it sits right now. For more pictures please see my build log on Tanks and Things,

Friday, May 31, 2013

KV-2 Finished (For Now)

Well, I made it under the wire for the May Braille Scale build on Tanks and Things. Still some little things to correct/do to totally finish it up, but for now, this is it. I need to clean up some paint wear on the turret roof, fix the grime on the front of the hull, add some graphite to parts of the tracks and MGs, and finish the headlight lens. Oh, and maybe add it to a scenic base.

For more photos you can check out my build log here:

Now back to the paint booth for my StuGs!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finnish StuG III Ausf.G

Arrrrgh, just realized that I haven't posted ANY updates on my Finnish StuG III and it's ready for painting. To see in-progress photos please jump to my postings on the Tanks and Things forum,

Here's a shot of where it stands right now:
The logs are not yet attached, they're simply leaning against the hull for illustrative purposes.

KV-2 Update

Here are some update photos of my KV-2. More details can be found on my posts on the Tanks and Things forum:

The turret showing the grab handles I fabricated to replace the molded blobs:

Lower hull with the road wheels, return rollers, drive sprockets, and idler wheels attached:

The completed model:

Primer coat sprayed:

Fading finished:
Next up: adding the decals to the turret, painting the tracks, MGs, and tow cables, and final weathering.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Trumpeter KV-2

The Tanks and Things website is hosting a 72nd-scale quick build during the month of May. My build is going to be the Trumpeter KV-2 M1940 Russian "big box". The parts count is fairly low and the only additional work I intend to do at this point is to replace the blobby grab handles with wire and perhaps replace the tow cables.

Here's a shot of my initial work building the assorted wheels and sprockets:

StuG III (Fl) - Almost Ready for Paint

All that's left to add are the tow cables and antennae. Tow cables will be added after decaling and antennae at the very end. Enjoy!


Friday, April 26, 2013

StuG III (Fl) - Recent Progress

I've made some further progress on my Fl, having added the fenders, tracks, and cleaned up the flamethrower and sight covers.

For more details and another pic, please go to Tanks and Things: