Friday, March 16, 2012

M8 Greyhound - Prepaint

The exterior is complete and ready for the "soap 'n' water" treatment to remove oils and other gunk. Then it's on to the air brush and a primer coat. Here's another view of the hull, this time from the rear:

Also ready for washing and priming are the turret, turret basket, gun assembly, rear fenders, and wheels. My plan is to attach the rear fenders but not the front. I was going to leave off the rear fenders, too, but most of the "cool" French markings are on the rear fenders. So, they stay! I'll post pictures to try to illustrate the steps in painting and weathering.

As the overall paint color is olive drab I'll prime with a darker color to serve as a pre-shade. I thought I had a new bottle of Vallejo Black Primer but I don't, so I'll use either the Vallejo Panzer Grey Primer (73603) or the Vallejo Model Air Black (71057). We'll see what kind of mood I'm in when I pick-up the air brush.

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