Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up

Given the weather, summertime, etc., it's been a month since I last posted. So here's  an update on my active projects.

T-34/76 Model 1941 Cast Turret, 72nd Scale:
Most of the stowage has been added and painted but not shaded. I added rolled tarps to each side, extra track links to the front and right side, and a tow cable and shovel to the left side. I'm still going to add a chain to the front of the hull and that should do it for this go-round.

Next I'll airbrush the lower hull and running gear with a brown-black mixture and then apply an overall flat finish to the model. After that it's on to adding some scratches, possibly some dry brushing if I need to bring out some details, and then a light dust coat. While all that is in progress, I'll be prepping a base and groundwork.

I'm still not totally happy with the darkness of the green finish (it's MUCH darker than in the photo above), but I'll correct that on other Russian tanks!

Steyr 1500A/01:
Shown above are the two radio tables with most of the equipment attached. Next up is drilling all the holes for the wiring. I have several packages of lead wire in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 1.0mm which I'll be using and have also picked-up a couple spools of fly tying wire, just in case. I'm still trying to noodle-out the best order for wiring, painting, and attaching all this to the Steyr itself. I have a feeling that my experience in rigging model ships will come in handy!

T-34/76 Model 1941 Cast Turret, 35th Scale:
Yes, another Russian tank! I enjoyed the Dragon 72nd scale T-34 so much that I found its "big brother"--almost the same model in 35th scale! The only differences that I have seen so far lie in the stowage and the hull attachments. This kit does not include the large auxiliary fuel tanks attached to the rear deck but I found a set of aftermarket PE from Aber that should do the trick nicely. My plan is to build it out-of-the-box with the exception of those fuel tanks.

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