Tuesday, September 6, 2011

German Adler Kfz. 13 - The Real Deal

The Kfz.13 light armored car was one of the first armored vehicles built in Germany after World War I. In 1932, the Adler Werk produced their "Standard 6" car chassis with an armored body designed and built by Deutsche Edelstahl AG in Hanover. The 8mm armor was sufficient to protect the crew of two (driver and gunner) from small arms fire. Its sole armament was a light machine gun, such as the MG13 or MG34. These vehicles were extensively used in Nazi propaganda movies of the 1930s and some saw action in Poland and France. Production ended in 1934 and by 1939 they had been largely replaced by the Sd.Kfz.221/222 series. Note the lack of markings and an apparent crew of three.

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